The best Pokemon Gen is now live in Go

Pokemon Go, that small game that released to little fan-fair. Ah, you know the one. It’s still going to this day, and the folks over at Niantic have been busily drip-feeding players new generations, portion at a time.

Well, we’re finally at generation five and I can capture and stare at one of my favourite Pokemon all day; Emboar! (I’m alone on this one, I know).


Pokemon Black and White was the most ambitious game in the series, and still holds that title to this day. With Sword and Shield seeming to carry strange omissions, it appears that it will likely hold onto that title too, at least in the foreseeable future.

Something about Black and White just captivated me, and the Pokemon in those games have left the strongest impact on me. Seeing them come into the “real world” through Go is a joy, and one that I will definitely enjoy for ten minutes longer than every other Go event.
That is… The issue with Go. For me at least. I live in a very rural area, and wild Pokemon are few and far between, and for whatever reason, Niantic have decided that my local town is cursed to only spawn Ratatta and Meowth from now until the end of time.
Or so I thought! I opened my game today in the hopes of finding my dear Tepig, maybe even a Snivy. Alas, no such luck. But a new member of the no-love club has joined my town, as Patrat seems to be in great abundance.


That’s what I’m dealing with anyway. I’m sure things are great for the rest of the world. Let me know how it is elsewhere, and give Tepig my regards.


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