Galarian Ponyta is exclusive to Pokemon Shield

The Pokemon Company has today come out and formerly announced what we all expected; that the newly discovered Pokemon from the 24 hour live-stream is indeed a Galarian Ponyta.


Interestingly, it’s also been confirmed to be a Pokemon Shield exclusive. Now this is slightly baffling to me, as the end of the live-stream heavily suggested that Rapidash would also be getting a Galarian form.
It seems safe to assume that Galarian Rapidash would then also be a Shield exclusive. Which is fine until you realise that the Sword exclusive is Sirfetch’d, a Galarian evolution, rather than a full Galarian line.

It’s interesting stuff, because you would expect the games to be balanced out, content-wise. It’s possible that they’re trying to make Shield more appealing, as I would imagine Sword to be the better seller based on it’s legendary. I’m not convinced that’s it though!


It’s also quite possible that each version has three Galarian form exclusives, and the way they’ve gone about announcing them is just a little odd.
So, by this thinking, Sword will also have a two-form Galarian form evolution line, and Shield will have a new singular Galarian form or evolution.

All just speculation, but I find it all very exciting to think about.

Which way do you think things will go? Or do you have your own theories? Let us know!


The new Pokemon is a My Little Pony but that's okay, it's very cute