Harvest Moon Mad Dash should not exist

Harvest moon. Everyone’s favourite relaxing farming sim. Water the crops, ride the horse, feed the cows. Try not to let the cows die. The cows die anyway. You know, farm stuff.Well, there’s a new one coming out, but as you may know, that’s not as exciting a thing as it once was.

See, the Harvest Moon games were originally handled by Natsume back in the day, but they stopped getting along with the creator of the series a few years back, and he actually ended up jumping ship, leaving the trademark for the name “Harvest Moon” behind him.


He now makes the Story of Seasons games with Marvelous. The titles people these days refer to as the “real” Harvest Moon games.
It’s a spectacular mess, but at least the games still exist in some fashion.

But what have Natsume been doing with that Harvest Moon trademark, you might ask? Well, all sorts of rubbish, as it turns out.
The latest of which appears to have strayed the farthest from what it tries to sell itself as, and is a… Mobile-looking time-attack puzzle.. Thing? Yeah, I don’t know what they’re thinking anymore.


“Harvest Moon: Mad Dash” as they’re calling it, sees you running around in a square and placing crops in strange tetris-like shapes. 
Pair them up and they turn into bigger crops, for bigger points. Or something.
The core game looks.. Fine, it’s whatever. Just some mobile time-waster, but oh no no! This is Natsume so it is not in-fact releasing on mobile at first, and is instead going straight to PS4 and Switch. At retail. Meaning it’s going to cost at least 30 euro/dollars new. Uhm! 

You can watch the trailer here if you’re curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y967qkQVuyA


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