Looks like there's a new Klonoa game incoming

Everyone’s favourite… Hold up, not all that many people know him. Ahem.
Some people’s favourite tracksuit-wearing fluffy rabbit mouse thing appears to be making a come-back.
As for in what way he might be doing so, it’s… Hard to say.


Bandai-namco, the company behind Klonoa has gone and filed a trademark for “Klonoa of the Wind Encore”. Bit of an odd title if you ask me, but hey ho there it is.
While the chances of them trying to hop on the Crash and Spyro bandwagon of colourful mascot platformer revivals, it’s also all too possible that they’ll do something very very dumb. Such as put it on mobile, exclusively. You never know.


So, be warned not to get too excited but if you ask me, Klonoa is probably getting remastered for PS4, Switch, etc. and there is absolutely nothing bad about that.
While we’re at it lets throw our hats in the ring and hope for a collection, rather than simply a remaster of the first game (though that may be pushing it).

Have you ever played a Klonoa game before? What do you think of the possibility of a remake?


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