Sirfetch'd is real and I love him very much

About a week ago now, the official Pokemon Twitter account tweeted out that they were having problems with a glitch on their website, which, as fans quickly found, was actually a tease for a new Pokemon.

Speculation went wild but finally landed on the realisation that the heavily-pixelated image was actually flipped, and when turned on it’s side it revealed what appeared to be a Farfetch’d evolution of some kind.


Well, via a Youtube video just uploaded by Pokemon themselves, it’s confirmed to be Sirfetch’d! And is, in fact, an evolution for Farfetch’d. 

The small text in the video calls him a Sword version exclusive, which only has everyone wondering what Shield will get in his place. Something with a shield, no doubt, as Sirfetch’d here carries an overly large leek sword.

He’s wonderful and is actually one of my favourite new designs so far. The trailer even ends with him seemingly stabbing his trainer, I mean, come on! Hardcore. 

You can check out the reveal trailer here:


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