That new Kirby game is weird, right?

During Nintendo’s recent Direct, which was a fabulous event, I must say, they dropped a couple of surprise on-the-day releases, as they like to do.
One of which was Super Kirby Clash. A free-to-start multi-player boss-rush thing.


At first you might think “Woah! Sweet! Okay!” as I so naively did. See, it’s easy to boot-up into this thinking “free kirby game, free kirby game”, but let me just stop you for a moment and ask… What it is you actually enjoy about Kirby games.

Did you say platforming? Absorbing enemies? Did… Anyone say the combat? Probably not.
So here comes Nintendo with a Kirby game based entirely around what is probably the series’ weakest attribute; the combat! 


It’s just about as underwhelming as you’d imagine. You have a central hub, take a quest, fight a Kirby boss. That’s essentially the full extent of things.
What is neat, is the ability to change Kirby’s class. But there are, I believe, only four, which is a little odd, considering the plethora of abilities in the pink blob’s history.

Probably the most fun I had in my admittedly short time with the game, was changing out gear for the separate classes. 
You can buy new weapons and outfits and so forth, which is great fun until you run into the wall of having to input real money for new ones.


At this point, the game’s kinda run out of steam anyway, so you will, like myself, probably turn it off and never feel the need to turn it on again. 
Very strange. It utterly fails on the one thing it set out to do; make a little money.

I’m not entirely sure what Nintendo was testing with this curious little title, but I do feel a little sad that Kirby had to be the test dummy.

Is.. Anyone, actually having fun with this though? If you are, please do let me know. I’m genuinely curious. Maybe we can take down some hammer-wielding gorillas together.


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