The new Pokemon anime designs are amazing

The new designs for the Pokemon anime have seemingly leaked, and they show Ash and what can only be assumed to be his new travel buddy happily bursting toward us.

Much to my pleasure, they’re sticking with the Sun/Moon art-style for the most part, but have refined it a little and made Ash look… Well, a little more like his past-self. 
It’s honestly a really nice mix and makes for what may even be my favourite design to date! I will have to wait to see it in motion though, of course.


We’ve got two sheets leaked; one character design sheet, and the key visual, which I’m sure will be officially shown off in the coming days.
Interestingly, the key visual, or, poster, as we’ll call it, showcases Ash with only one companion.
Now, this could mean nothing and other characters may simply just not be on this poster, but after Sun and Moon with it’s overly-crowded cast, a straight-forward focus on two characters alone would be an extremely welcome change of pace.


There are reports going around about this season seeing Ash travel the world, visiting each and every region and this new poster more or less confirms that. Which is neat.
Looking behind them, you can see landmarks from each land, and a handful of accompanying ‘mons.

Note that this isn’t 100% confirmed, but… I mean, that’s real. Just look at it.
We should know without a doubt by the end of this week, and I’ll be here to blabber about how wonderful the trailer probably is.

What do you think of the new design? Love it, hate it? Let us know!


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