The new Pokemon is a My Little Pony but that's okay, it's very cute

The official Pokemon Youtube and Twitch channels have spent the last 24 hours live-streaming a mostly blank scene.
And tens of thousands of people were watching it, at all times. I wish I had that much marketing power.

Regardless, it was a neat idea. It was set up as a live camera nature observation sort of affair, and saw us all staring at this forest scene with it’s twinkly music, awaiting something, anything.


Things did happen of course, but they were few and far between. I left the stream on for a good 40 minutes at one point and I don’t believe anything happened at all. That was the fun of it though, because whenever something did happen, the internet would have a complete meltdown trying to figure out what it was.
For the most part it was Pokemon from previous games wandering on by every hour or so, at least confirming their inclusion in the games.
Pumpkaboo made it in guys. He’s made it off the chopping block. My boy is in. We can breathe.

Where things really got interesting though, was with the fleeting glimpses of this mysterious new Pokemon.
It ran through the bushes at one point and everyone dropped everything to rewind, zoom, enhance, stare. You really couldn’t make out much though. 

Another time it came out of a bush near the back of the scene, but as it was about to walk out, everyone’s least favourite new ‘mon, Impidimp, decides to make an appearance and wander across the front of the scene, obscuring everything.
As if we needed another reason to dislike you, Impidimp. 

Eventually we saw a full shadow, showing the shape of the Pokemon, and finally the full figure. 
What did we get? A My Little Pony. It’s a My Little Pony.
It’s cute though and I want twenty of them.

This My Little Pony also happens to be a Galarian form for Ponyta though, which is super neat. Seems to be based off of a pegasus, which, as my girlfriend so kindly pointed out, is the national animal of Scotland.
Scotland, of course, being up north of England. Galar, being based on England, and the forest where this Pokemon can be found, being up north in Galar. Clever stuff!


The final scene we got was two Galarian Ponyta trotting out and hugging and glowing and generally being wonderful, that is, until you notice one of them has no tail.
Do Galarian folks eat the poor pony’s candyfloss-like tails?! Is this a thing?! Tell me it ain’t so.

Anyway, there’s a Rapidash cry and the pair look to the skies, and… Well, that’s that. We don’t see anything more.
I guess Rapidash can fly now. He’s gone full pegasus.

What are your thoughts on this new form though? Do you want to eat his tail? Are you one of those people? Don’t be one of those people.

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Galarian Ponyta is exclusive to Pokemon Shield


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